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The Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) represents independent girls’ schools in the UK.

New GSA President Hilary French: Girls need to learn that they are free to make their own decisions

28 December 2012

“Girls are still being brought up to believe that raising children is more important than their own ambitions”, the president of the Girls’ Schools Association has said.

Incoming president Hilary French, Headmistress of Central Newcastle High School, GDST said it was the responsibility of girls’ schools to help their pupils to be strong in making decisions, and secure in the rightness of the decision that they have made.
Despite women’s educational achievements, they are still expected to be the homemaker, she says.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mrs French also urged girls to develop ‘soft skills’ as well as clocking up exam passes.

Yes, you need your exam results, you need your degree, but it’s a passport for opening a door, getting through a door, and then when you are actually working, there’s so many other things out there in society that you need, which is why it’s so good that girls’ schools, really good schools, and universities do so much more than teach the subjects, teach facts.

It’s so much more than sitting in front of a computer, it’s developing all of those other skills.

And she raised concerns that Government plans to scrap GCSEs and replace them with more rigorous exams may make a failing system more complicated and possibly more prone to absolute collapse in the end.

She said the Coalition was right to make the system more rigorous and fit for purpose but argued the planned new exams would not suit a huge proportion of children.

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